Around the turn of the twentieth century, a bar of steel was worth about $5. Yet when forged into horseshoes, it was worth $10; when made into needles, its value was $350; when used to make small pocketknife blades, its worth was $32,000. when made into springs for watches, its value increased to $250,000. What a pounding that steel bar had to endure to be worth this much! But the more it was shaped,, hammered, put through fire, beaten, pounded, and polished, the greater its value.

May we use this analogy as a reminder to be still, silent, and long-suffering, for it is those who suffer the most who yield the most. And it is through pain that God gets the most out of us, for His glory and for the blessings of others.

Our life is very mysterious. In fact, it would be totally unexplainable unless we believed that God was preparing us for events and ministries that lie unseen beyond the veil of the eternal world – where spirits like tempered steel will be required for special service.

Excerpt from “Streams In The Desert,” by L.B. Cowman

Personal note from The Author Of Spiritual Axioms – Please pass this devotion along to anyone you know who may be going through a pounding right now. Many people are. Some understand the process, but there are a host of others who don’t, and the forging process scares them. What this devotional most reminds me of is that God is not punishing me when I am being forged. He is preparing me. Not punishing – preparing. Big difference! Why would God punish someone who he loves so much and has covered through the New Covenant of Grace in Christ Jesus? How could such a thing be possible? God is actually honoring me when the forging process is taking place in my life. If I can remember that, and in return honor Him through glorifying Jesus, in whom God laid all the sins of mankind, and covered in Grace eternally if the sinner would only believe, than I will KNOW beyond any shadow of doubt that God is continuing a mighty work in me! God Bless you and have a great day!


Does God Answer Prayer?

You better believe He does! But don’t believe me, read your bible and learn the truth. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this timeless sermon by the great D.L. Moody, originally delivered in 1864 in Scotland –

Does God Answer Prayer?

I suppose there has been no word on Christians’ lips so frequently at this time as the word “prayer,” and there is not one in this hall who has not thought often, during the last forty-eight hours, of the importance of prayer.

During this week of prayer, they are a great many not only thinking about it, but talking about it. When there is a special interest and awakening in the community on the subject of religion, then it is that a great many skeptics and infidels, and a great many mere nominal professors of Christianity – we will not judge them – begin talking against “prayer.”

They say, “The author of the world doesn’t change His plans because of these prayers. The world goes right on. You cannot move God to change His mind or His doings.” You hear this on every side. These young converts hear it. I have no doubt that many are staggered by it, and when you kneel down you say, `Is it a fact that God answers prayer? Is there anything in it?’

I think it would do us good in the week of prayer to take the word “prayer,” and run through the Bible tracing it out. Read about nothing else. I think you would be perfectly amazed if you took up the word “prayer,” and counted the cases in the Bible where people are recorded as praying, and God answering their prayers.

A great many think it is only the perfectly righteous and pure that pray. But you remember who it was who prayed in this fashion, “Lord remember me when Thou comest into Thy Kingdom.” You remember that Christ answered the dying thief’s prayer.

We cannot but notice that every man of God spoken of in the Bible was a man of prayer. You have therefore very good authority and encouragement for asking God to hear your prayers, and for praying on behalf of others, as we are daily requested to do. Many are surprised at these requests. But many mothers and fathers are rejoicing that they sent them in. The prayers offered up here have been answered, and their children have been saved.

Last night I was more confirmed in my views regarding the power of prayer than ever. “This is all excitement,” some say; “it is got up by earnest appeals that work on the feelings of people, and move their impulses, making them uneasy and anxious.” Now, for example, there was nothing said last night to speak of, and I never was more disgusted with myself than I was on Sunday -night. It seemed as if I could not preach the Gospel, as if my tongue would not speak. But still the number of inquirers was extraordinary.

Last night, when there was no speaking at all, and when I just came in and asked that any inquirers might follow me into the moderator’s room, taking a few with me, and expecting to come in and ask out a few more when I had seen these, the number was so great that came out without solicitation that I did not need to return. I saw over a hundred inquirers last night, and there were from fifty to seventy that I had to close the door on, being unable to see them.

A great many who have not been at the meetings at all, have been converted in their own homes. God is working, not we. Oh! that we would keep ourselves down in the dust, and every one of us get out of the way, and let God work. It would be so easy for Him to go into every dwelling in Edinburgh, and convict and convert ten thousand souls.

Look at the 6th verse of the 4th chapter of Philippians. “Be careful for nothing, but in everything” – mark that – “by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God.” He doesn’t say He will answer all, but He says, “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.”

He tells us to make our wants known; to make our requests known to Him by prayer and supplication. It is right to come and make our requests known. He has told us to come and pray for the conversion of souls.

It is said by many people that God does not do anything supernatural in answer to prayer; that the God of nature moves right on and never changes His decrees. Read the first six verses of the 20th chapter of 2nd Kings, and see – “In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death: and the prophet Isaiah, the son of Amoz, came to him, and said unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Set thine house in order; for thou shalt die, and not live. Then he turned his face to the wall, and prayed unto the Lord, saying, I beseech Thee, O Lord, remember now how I have walked before Thee in truth, and with a perfect heart, and have done that which is good in Thy sight. And Hezekiah wept sore. And it came to pass, afore Isaiah was gone out into the middle court, that the word of the Lord came to him, saying, Turn again, and tell Hezekiah, the captain of my people, Thus saith the Lord, the God of David, thy father, I have heard thy prayer, I have seen thy tears, behold I will heal thee; on the third day thou shalt go up unto the house of the Lord, and I will add unto thy days fifteen years; and I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the King of Assyria; and I will defend this city for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake.”

Was not that a direct answer to prayer? Hezekiah was only praying for his own life; we are come together to pray for the life of others, and not their temporal but their eternal welfare. He was not praying for Christ’s sake as we now do, but we can come to-day and ask God to save the souls of men for Christ’s sake, not only for our sake, but for the sake of the beloved Son. He loves to honor that Son, and to see Christ honored. We can come now and ask Him to save souls, that it might bring glory and honor to the Son of His bosom, and glory and honor to the Son He delights to honor. “I will,” He says to Hezekiah, “defend the city for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake.” That is only one instance.

Look also at Daniel praying. It was his prayers that took the Jews back to Jerusalem. It was his prayers that turned Nebuchadnezzar to the God of Israel, and brought Gabriel down from heaven to tell him he was greatly beloved. He had power with God.

See also how God answered Jacob’s prayers and Isaac’s prayers. All through the Bible we have records of the answers to prayers. It would be terrible to think that God did not delight to answer prayer.

Turn to the 20th chapter of 2nd Chronicles. There we read that the Moabites, the Ammonites, and others coming against Jehoshaphat, he was afraid, “and set himself to seek the Lord,” and that afterwards Judah “gathered themselves together to ask help of the Lord.” That is what we want – to seek the Lord not only here in the public assembly, but alone. If you have got an unconverted friend, and are anxious that he should be saved, go and tell it privately to Jesus, and if a blessing does not come, like Jehoshaphat, spend a few days in fasting, and prayer, and humiliation.

“If when evil cometh upon us, as the sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine, we stand before this house, and in Thy presence (for Thy name is in this house), and cry unto Thee in our affliction, then Thou wilt hear and help.”

When I go into the streets, and see the terrible wickedness, and blasphemy, and drunkenness that is in them, it seems dark, but I look up and think that God can repel those dark waves of sin and iniquity. Let us pray that God will bless this land of Scotland, bless and save all the people in it. It would be a great thing for us, but very little for God. May God give us faith!

–Message delivered by Dwight L. Moody at the noon prayer-meeting, Edinburgh, Scotland, Jan. 6, 1874.

WOW! He Really DOES have the whole world in his hands!

There is only one way to deal with the many problems that currently plague our great nation. GOD. Please read on.

God has given us all a choice and we cannot delay in making up our minds about it. To delay means more heartache, terror and chaos in this broken world but more importantly, the confusion of the mind, the sickness of the soul will get worse. But there is a solution!

We need GOD. Not ten minutes from now, not tomorrow, not next week, next month or next year, or when we can get around to it. We need GOD now. While there remains beauty all around us in God’s creation, there is an ugliness that is growing ever stronger by the day. It is all around us. Mayhem, destruction, terrorism, murder, drugs, hate, violence of every sort. Riotous living, promiscuity, immersion in the 7 Deadly Sins and a breaking of all of the 10 Commandments are commonplace in our country and have brought our nation to the brink of disaster. Secularists, although clearly in the minority so much that the rest of the world believes the USA is a godless society.

God has been taken out of our schools, our government and many aspects of our military. We will pay the price as a nation for allowing this to happen. God is a loving god, but He is a just God. We will reap what we sow as a nation, a culture, a people.We MUST reintroduce GOD into our daily lives now and keep Him there! If we don’t, the corrupting evil of the enemy will continue to baffle, confuse, terrorize and destroy.

Please take a brief moment to read this post and think about it. It will only take a few minutes out of your day.

Have you made a covenant with Almighty God by agreeing to His terms and conditions and accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?

I’m not a bible or a religious freak. I’m just a normal man. A simple man. A Sinner. Just like all men I know. God has a plan.We can’t ignore it any longer.This world is a mess and anyone reading this knows it!How can you deny it? Watch the news!We cannot be blind or ignorant any longer. We all need the simple and free gift of salvation. Once again, it’s simple and it’s free.

God loves you personally and desires a relationship with you. As sinners, we don’t deserve a relationship with the Creator of the universe. But God has set up a way for us to all be reconciled to Him.

He did it by taking on human flesh and descending to earth almost 2000 years ago. He came to us by way of immaculate conception through a simple virgin woman named Mary, who was betrothed to a regular Jewish man named Joseph.

Don’t believe it? Do you believe in UFO’s? Do you believe in your president? Do you believe in the power of electricity? Do you believe in astrology? Do you believe in dinosaurs? How about evolution? Do you believe your spouse loves you? Do you believe what you read in the newspaper or magazines? Health Care Reform? Do you believe politicians? Do you believe in your mom and dad? The theory of relativity? The law of gravity? Mathematics? Do you believe in the seasons? How about our sun and simple astronomy? Do you believe in whatever hang up you have?Do you believe in booze, drugs, porn, overeating, “workoholism”? Do you believe your car will start when you turn the ignition? Do you believe in following the law? Do you believe the autobiographies you read, world and American history? Do you believe that you will still have a job tomorrow? Do you believe in the things that your money can buy?If you can believe in any of these things, then surely you believe in God and the simple plan of salvation he has laid at your feet! Either Jesus Christ is what He said He was, or He isn’t. Either He is the Son of God, or He isn’t. What is your choice to be? Can you afford to live another minute without truly finding the answer to that question?

Listen, it’s YOUR life. But how much is your one, true life worth? Would you rather go through life without believing in God and Jesus and then die and find out He really was what He said he was?!? Or would you rather go through life believing and knowing the truth and find out when you die that your eternal soul is safe and sound? It sounds like a very simple proposition to me. The Living Christ must be encountered. You have to do something with Him!

You can either face the Truth now, while there is still time or face the truth when you die and there is no time left. The inescapable Christ must be dealt with! Jesus said “I am the Way the Truth and the Life. Nobody comes to the Father but through me.” I didn’t say it, He did. Read about it in the most widely read, widely published book in the History of the world, the Holy Bible.You can read all about it in the book of the New Testament called John. The exact chapter is John 14.How much longer can we as humans deny the TRUTH. No other man in the History of recorded time has ever declared to His peers and the men of his day that HE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF THE TRUTH.

Do some research on the subject. Either Jesus was who He claimed he was or He is the greatest fraud, liar and charlatan of all time. They tried to stop Him and lock him away and brand Him as a fool, heretic, crazy man and so forth. Even the people closest to Him denied knowing Him.Even  Pilate and Herod both declared that Jesus had done nothing wrong! Pilate literally washed his hands of guilt over condeming Christ to die on a Roman cross. These events were recorded in many sources studied by the greatest scholars of our time.

It’s undisputed as true by historians separate and apart from the Holy Bible! There are many other historical figures of that time. They either corroborated it, or committed some part of the factual occurrences in other documents.Yet how can unbelievers still deny it?Please re-examine things. Take another look at it all from a different perspective. Jesus doesn’t care if you’re not perfect. Guess what, none of us are! That’s the great thing about it! He meets us right where we are! Are you worried about that? Don’t! Are you worried that you won’t be able to have any more fun? Don’t! Let Him worry about that! He’s GOD!

Aren’t you tired? Tired of doing things you’re own way? Doesn’t the endless cycle of violence, lies, war and destruction bother and confuse you? It sure does confuse me! Some days, I can’t take it anymore. But I know the TRUTH, so I know how the game ends.Are you worried about your stuff? Listen, have you ever seen a funeral procession on the way to the graveyard to bury someone? Have you ever seen the hearse pulling a U-Haul trailer with all of that person’s worldly possessions in it? Neither have I!

Are you worried because you have a lot of money? Don’t worry about that, just do the right thing with your money. Share it! Paul, the greatest saint said that it was the “LOVE of money that was the root of all evil.” Let Jesus show you what to do with your dough.Concerned about hypocrites that go to church? Don’t worry! There’s always room for one more! Worried about greedy liars who steal money from true believers to line their pockets and get rich? What can you do about it? Let God deal with them, just like He’ll deal with you. And me, and every soul to have ever lived. He is a very just and righteous God. He judges fairly, but He does judge. So don’t forget it.

He loves you! He made you in HIS image! You were joyfully created!The GOSPEL means Good News! Why not start reading the most positive piece of literature ever written! The Bible! People talk about positive thinking all the time. Want some positive thinking? Read the Gospel folks! Forget Dr. Phil and Oprah and Deepak Chopra and Obama. Can they save your soul? Can your new car, motorcycle, surfboard or water craft save your soul? Can your spouse save your soul? Can your kids? Nope. But Jesus can and He will!

Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever heard?It is the greatest gift of all and it’s simple, easy, and free.

Here is a great link at BGEA that simply lays out the plan of salvation that God has freely offered everyone!  Please check it out. 

It’s that simple! Then just find a good church that talks about the Bible and worships God and go! Why not? What is an hour or two a week out of your busy schedule? Isn’t it better than watching porn or getting loaded or arguing with your spouse?Just TRY it. The only people who scoff at redemption or salvation or Jesus are just uninformed. That’s true! If someone says they don’t believe, ask them if they ever tried sincerely. If they say yes, then know that they are lying. No one who gives their life to Jesus regrets it.

Jesus answers anyone who comes to Him in truth, humility and sincerity. All you’re missing out on is the greatest love of all.

Have you ever had your heart broken? How does that feel? It sucks. You know why that happens? Because we put our faith in people. People will always let us down.Name one person who has NEVER let you down. Go ahead…. Still waiting….. You can’t honestly name one. Why? Because we all let each other down. We’re human, we can’t help it! But God will NEVER, EVER, let you down. I promise.But don’t listen to me! Listen to HIM. He tells us about it John 3:16.Give up the fight of this world. Sooner or later, everything passes away. Only God lasts forever.

The game of life is just like the game of Monopoly. You can play a really long game or a short one. You’ll have fun. Sometimes you’ll win the game, sometimes you lose it. But guess what? When the game is over, all the stuff goes back in the box! Don’t chance it. Don’t chance your life like you were playing Monopoly. Let me know how things turn out.


Peace and God Bless You

Is There Still A Super Power? An Interview You Cannot Miss!

People long with sentiment back to the good old days when America was seemingly the strongest, most dominant super power in the world. Sane and rational people, not the uber left of course, cherished this position of power, not so that we could impose our will throughout the world, but more because we could control our own destiny here at home. Alas, those days seem to be long gone, and one has to wonder “Did we cherish our role enough?” Apparently not, because we let it sift through our hands as quickly as fine sand.

Here is some very good news! Not only do we still have the power, but it really has never left us. As I have stated many times in this blog, what is happening to us right now is very real, and based in the reality of the every day events that are drowning us in chaos with disaster upon disaster. But, the power shift and all of its spin-driven daily bombardment of nonsense is in a large part illusory! I have referred to the “Three Card Monte,” “The Tail Wagging The Dog,” “The Man Behind the Curtain Syndrome,” and of course, the fake power of the “The Fourth Estate,” as phrases to describe the phenomena of what is happening not just to our country, but to the world at large.

Think for a moment. What inside you has changed? If you’re reading this post, chances are that you would describe yourself as a conservative, maybe independent or libertarian, and most likely you have a belief in God.

So please think about the way that this administration has changed you in the last couple years. Think about the positives and the negatives, because your power base is derived from both places. We effect more clear change from the positive, that is true. But we also many times are motivated by the negative things unless we allow those things to destroy us. You’ve heard the expression “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I very much believe in that philosophy because I’ve lived it!

If you are the average United States citizen, who truly cares about your country, I’m certain that many of you would describe the past two years as a time that you have undergone deep, jugular change in virtually every area of your life. You have probably become more proactive in your political and ideological stances. I’m sure that most of you have become much more sensitive to what is being told to you by our government and the media. You have probably erred on the side of discernment more often than not. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Many of us believe in the power of political change. We are seeing both the positive and negative effects that political change can have on us as individually, as a nation of people, and our world – our cosmic home where we are forced to share our stewardship with that of many whose motives in life we cannot relate to or understand.

The power of the press is a power that if you were passively or subtly aware of prior to the massive sea change that took place in 2007-2008, you are most certainly top minded about in 2011. It got a president elected while many of us weren’t paying attention!

So the power of politics and the power of the press are both very influential powers that at some times seem to have a vice grip on us collectively and individually.

However, as I stated at the top of this post, I have very good news for you about another type of power. The power of prayer.

The power of prayer is greater, and more powerful than any inward our outward power we as individuals possess or can use effectively to create dynamic change not just in us but around us. Prayer is a gift that the God who created us all gave us mortals as a way to communicate with Him. Can you think of any greater power than that? I cannot. What power is there that can possibly be greater than the power to communicate with the Creator of the universe?!? Can you name one that even comes close? I cannot.

I have lived a bountiful life on this planet earth and I have yet to encounter a mightier way to express destiny, love, forgiveness, compassion and repentance that nears the power of prayer. Hundreds of thousands of books have been written about it, including the most popular book of positive power in the history of the world, the Holy Bible. More people have talked about this power than any other subject since the dawn of mankind in the way of sermons from the pulpit.

Millions upon millions of people are feeling the direct power of prayer right at this second as I write this post.

I have attempted to incorporate prayer into everything I do, because the people that I most admire in this world, both dead and alive have lived their lives by this principle, and I am trying my best to emulate them. But more importantly, because the living Christ has given me this personal interview. This personal dialogue. This form of communication that is available to me 24 hours a day, every day of my mortal life.

Ponder this for a moment. If you received a call from the White House this evening, and it was David Axelrod, and he told you that out of a pool of people, the President had selected you for a private meeting next Monday at 7:00 for one hour to discuss anything that was of importance to you, would you decline? Not likely. I don’t care what your politics or world view, you would NEVER say, “sorry, Axelrod, I’m too busy that day. I have to download several of the latest applications for my i-phone, stop by the Starbucks for my $5.00 Frappacino and get on with the business of daily living. There’s the kids, work, my never-ending list of chores, and of course, my social life. Would you please tell the president to forget about it? Thanks anyway.”

No I’m sure that your stomach would immediately go into permanent butterfly stage, you would hardly sleep between now and next Wednesday preparing yourself for the meeting. You would tell all of your friends and loved ones about the meeting and its great importance to you. You would certainly begin preparing your physical body with a visit to the hairstylist or barber. If you’re a woman, you might shop for hours for that special outfit. If you are a man, you would be certain that your very best suit had visited the cleaners and your favorite tie was without blemish. Why, you might even get a pedicure or manicure, right? Yes, you would be in rare form for your meeting with the President of the United States.

What if the agent for your favorite music star or actor called and said “We know what a huge fan you are of Mr. Springsteen,” or “Ms. Streep,” or whoever it might be, “and they would like to have dinner with you next Wednesday evening at 9:00 for an exclusive private meeting in the banquet room of their favorite upscale restaurant in your town. Can I put you down for a yes?” What would your response be? “Well, I’d love to meet with The Boss, but I have a such a busy schedule that Wednesday. I’ve got to get the kids to bed and I have to hit the rack early that night anyway. I’m always exhausted by 9:00 pm, and I won’t be able to wait for my head to hit the pillow.” Or maybe you might have this response for Ms. Streep’s agent. “You know, she has always been one of my all time favorite actresses, but the fact is, she hasn’t been in anything lately that I really like. If she starts to be more prominent, or picks better roles, I would consider it. But not at this time.”

I doubt you would have any of theses replies. You would be sure that your digital camera was all charged up and your memory card was empty. You would most likely have something ready for them to sign. You would hardly be able to keep from talking about the impending meeting until the moment it arrived and the stretch Hummer stopped at your door to pick you up.

Let’s say that you received a call from your best friend’s spouse. Your best friend recently had to move away to another part of the country, and when they first moved you were talking with them every day on the phone, but the calls came fewer and farther between because life had become so busy. Then came this call. “I just wanted you to know. We received a pretty hard blow today. Nancy hasn’t been feeling up to par lately so we’ve been to the doctor quite a bit. Today we got the news. It’s untreatable cancer, very advanced, very aggressive. I’m afraid there’s only a few days remaining. She requested that I call you right away. She’d like to see you one last time before she dies.” What would your response be? I doubt that you would say, “I’m sorry, I just can’t make it. I’m shocked to hear of this terrible turn of events, but I just need to catch up with my social networking. My Facebook and Twitter accounts have been so neglected lately. Please tell Nancy it’s been nice knowing her. Thanks for letting me know.”

You would never think to give such a reply. You would be on the next flight, praying every minute that they hold on long enough until you can get there. You’d drop everything. You’d cancel every plan, no matter what the cost. Your life would be forever changed by a one minute phone call.

Are you starting to get my point?

Now please think about this. You have an appointment, an interview with the Almighty God! The creator of everything around you and in you! It cannot wait or be postponed! You are honored and humbled to have the opportunity to meet with the One who breathed the breath of life into your lungs! The One who knows everything about you. Who loves you with the greatest and most important love of all. This appointment must be kept. It’s called prayer. The power of prayer is the greatest power you now possess or will ever possess. The power of prayer moves the hands that rule the entire universe. You cannot evade this, your greatest meeting, another minute. God is waiting to hear from you! What will your answer be?

Confused And Baffled?

Don’t be surprised if you are regularly confused and baffled if you have not yet been saved by Jesus Christ.  This is exactly what The Liar wishes to achieve.  The more he can confuse, the more he can create doubt, worry, fear and temptation to sin in an unsaved world. 

But even the saved, and sometimes most especially the saved, can expect this confusion to overtake them.  If The Enemy senses that a Christian is advancing, moving higher spiritually, or if he senses a particular area of weakness he can and will attack even the most spiritual of Christ’s followers. 

Jesus himself was brought to the desert to be tempted by Satan for forty days and nights before his ministry on earth began in earnest.  Satan attacked Jesus from every angle, yet Jesus did not cave into temptation.  Jesus remains the only sinless man to have ever walked the earth.

Billy Graham shared a little on the subject in a piece he wrote called “Call to Battle.”  Here is an excerpt:

The words of the Apostle Paul, “Be not conformed to this world,” have tremendous significance and meaning for us today.  These words cut like a sharp sword across our way of life… They have the tone of the battle call in them.  They separate the weak from the strong. But they are words of inspiration and we need to hear them today.

Be not conformed to this world mentally.  The world by its advertisements, its conversation, and its philosophy is engaged in a gigantic brainwashing task.  Not always consciously but sometimes unconsciously, the Christian is beset by secular and worldly propaganda.

Much entertainment is slanted to those who feed on violence, sex, and lawlessness.  It seems some diabolic mastermind is running the affairs of this world and that its chief objective is to brainwash Christians to get them to conform to this world.

The world’s sewage system threatens to contaminate the stream of Christian thought.  Satan will contest every hour you spend in Bible reading or prayer.

However, above the din we can hear the voice of scripture, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

We Christians are not even to be conformed to the world’s anxieties.  Many Christians ae wring their hands and saying , “What’s the world coming to?”

The Bible has already told us that “the world and the lust thereof” are going to pass away.  We have already been told in Scripture that the world is coming to a cataclysmic judgement.

We Christians are to be lights in the midst of darkness, and our lives should exemplify relaxation, peace, and joy in the midst of frustration, confusion and despair.

Reading this devotion has brought a comforting reminder on more than one occasion when I felt confused or baffled. Looking in the rearview, these troubling attacks almost always come just before increase in my life of some kind.  Satan has an uncanny knack for knowing when a Christian is developing and moving to a higher level in his or her walk with the Lord.  So try to remember that in these moments, it is that much more necessary to not conform to the world but be transformed by it.  When Satan increases the attack,  we should redouble all efforts to increase our walk with Jesus.